Looking forwards to hearing from you!

Looking forwards to hearing from you!

Regarding courses & seminars

If you have questions regarding courses or trainings, contact me by email (contact @ andyskadam.com) or by filling in the form below.


Regarding private sessions and coaching

I am also more than happy to help you privately in healing and developing your heart, mind and your subconscious. My strengths as a healer, coach, and teacher lie in these areas:

  • Digging deeper – getting rid of genetic and historical programs that cause pain or hold you back
  • Developing your relationships – to yourself, your parents, your friends & your soulmate
  • Manifesting – creating the life and career that you were born for
  • Removing blocks – restricting fears, anxieties, and feelings

I propose that we start with an initial phone or skype consultation which helps us define if I am the right person to help you. Contact me at contact @ andyskadam.com or by filling the form below, and we can set up a call.

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