Music – a great source of healing and happiness

Music – a great source of healing and happiness

Musiikki ja saksofonin soittaminen - ensimmäiset terapiamuotoni
Music and the saxophone where my first forms of therapy (Club Capitol, Helsinki, 2015)

Music from my past

Between 2012-2016 I played saxophone and toured actively with various bands to heal and bring joy to myself and others. My main project was an electronic trio called SÄX, which during that time released two albums and various singles. You can find some of my music from those years below. Enjoy!


Nimino – The Back of Your Hands ft Ashe | Andy Skädäm Youtube Jam #1


SÄX – Searching (Helmikuu 2016)


In a hurry – but where to?

SÄX – Cuba Libre (Joulukuu 2014)


Fighting towards the light

SÄX – Morgan Freeman (Joulukuu 2014)


Dreaming of foreign lands

SÄX – Långyearbye(n) (Joulukuu 2014)


What is it that makes liking someone so painful?

SÄX – Aurora (Joulukuu 2014)


Healing sounds

SÄX – Sound on Me (Joulukuu 2014)


We forget so easily

SÄX – Feel Love (Joulukuu 2014)


Confusion and frustration

SÄX – Eclipse (Huhtikuu 2014)


The world hears us! Oh no, they didn’t…

SÄX – Dark Hours (Helmikuu 2014, Armada Music)


Soft landings

SÄX – Pillowfights (Lokakuu 2013)


Dreams and tickles deep within

SÄX – Pipedream (Toukokuu 2013)


Joy and flow-states

SÄX – Canicular Days (Toukokuu 2013)


Sunrises in the snow

SÄX – Drive (Helmikuu 2013)


Groove steps in

SÄX – Broadcasters (Tammikuu 2013)


Something nice awakens

SÄX – Glow (Syyskuu 2012)


JUJU – Aurinko | Andy Skädäm Youtube Jam #4


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