My story – the path to discovering my healer abilities

My story – the path to discovering my healer abilities

ThetaHealing-kurssilla Ranskassa - Sables d'Olonne
ThetaHealing-course in France (2017) – great feeling after a good course on the shores of Sables d’Olonne


How I ended up working with the conscious and subconscious mind?

I am a highly intuitive empath, which means I feel and pick up the feelings and energies of people around me very easily. Before I understood and controlled this part of me, I was very consumed by it. I did not know how to control or manage the burden that I took on from my environment. In meetings or public places, I would get tired very fast if people around me were having negative thoughts or feelings.

Once I understood that I am this way, I decided to find solutions and work to turn these intuitive and emphatic qualities into strengths. Now I can happily state that being intuitive and emphatic are some of my superpowers, that help me help and heal others. I am able to feel other people’s feelings without being consumed by them and thus help them work very effectively with their feelings and conscious and subconscious mind. With a vast experience of different people and situations as well as emphatic abilities and compassion, it is easy to understand what people are going through and find the right solutions to release what no longer serves them and help them move forward.


Hundreds of people have achieved great results, now it’s your turn!

What helped me heal can help you heal

I have experienced a lot in my life. My biggest hardships have been the struggle with cancer and death of my little brother Iiro in 2006 and the divorce of my parents in 2016, as well as personal experiences of being bullied and feeling isolated in school. Most of this, I had buried in my subconscious mind. After 10 years of trying different modes of therapy, philosophy, meditation, and exercises, I found the following secret weapons with the help of healer Suvi Bowellan .

Clearing Toxic Emotions and ThetaHealing ®

  • Clearing Toxic Emotions is an energy healing technique created by Dawn Clark. It does not only focus on healing the mind, but also the toxic emotions that we carry from traumatic or negative experiences from our past. It liberates us from the emotional pain that we are carrying that causes us anxiety, fear, and pain.
  • The ThetaHealing ® technique is an energy healing technique and spiritual philosophy created by Vianna Stibal. It is the most powerful healing modality I have experienced or used which is why I decided to get certified as a ThetaHealer ® and ThetaHealing instructor. This technique helps us get rid of difficult emotions caused by our past and genetics, heal our body and reshape our subconscious. A big part is changing the subconscious beliefs that are holding us back from achieving the things that we want in life. In my opinion, this is the best healing technique out there to increase freedom and happiness and become our true selves.

With these, I was able to effectively heal myself and take control of my mind and emotions in six months. I fell in love with the ThetaHealing technique and traveled to Montana to attend instructor courses, in order to be able to teach it to anyone who is willing to improve their lives, thoughts, and feelings.

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