Healing the mind and body with brainwaves

Healing the mind and body with brainwaves

healing the mind and body with brainwaves - healer antti heikkilä

Healing the mind and body using brainwaves

Underlying our thoughts, feelings and behaviors is the interaction between neurons and cells. By controlling our brainwaves, we can impact these interactions and change the way we think and feel.

When neurons communicate with each other in our brain, it creates synchronized electromagnetic impulses that then create brainwaves. These have been studied with EEG (electroencephalograph) and have been categorized into five main groups according to their frequencies. These groups are called gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta. The frequency of brainwaves is measured in Hertz (cycles per second). If we think of brainwaves as music, the lower frequencies sound like bass and drums, while the higher frequencies represent melodic instruments such as the flute. Together, these create symphonies.

All five frequencies have their own duties in operating our brain and daily life. The important thing is to know, which frequency is the “dominating one” in a given situation, as this also impacts our bodily functions and emotions. The dominating frequency can also be thought of as our level of consciousness in that situation. When lower frequencies dominate, we are sleepy and relaxed. While higher frequencies dominate, we are active and alert.

The five categories of brainwaves according to frequency:

Gamma-brainwaves (~40-100 Hz) – Gamma-waves are associated with learning and processing of information as well as understanding and putting together the physical reality around us in our brain.

Beta-brainwaves (~13.5-39 Hz) – Beta-waves are behind most of our conscious activity. They are associated with activities such as logical thinking, writing, reading and socializing. They are thus crucial for our accomplishments in school, work and social life But too much beta-activity in our brain can lead to stress or anxiety and this is the case for many adults in modern society, as we are constantly on the go and in a reactive mode. Coffee and other stimulants increase the beta-activity in our brain.

Alpha-brainwaves (~7.5-13.5 Hz) – Alpha-brainwaves are the bridge between our conscious and subconscious (beta- and theta-waves). They are associated with relaxing. For example when dreaming about a sunset, our brain quickly shifts to alpha-waves. Alpha-brainwaves can also be used for healing. According to researchers, Reiki-healers operate in the lower alpha-waves in order to heal the body and physical pain. Too little alpha-activity in the brain could lead to anxiety, high stress levels or insomnia.

Theta-brainwaves (~4-7.5 Hz) – Theta-brainwaves are created especially during the sleep cycle, as our subconscious communicates to us through dreams. Theta-waves can be considered as our active subconscious, as they store all of our memories, experiences, and belief systems. For this reason, they are largely responsible for our feelings, worldview, attitudes and behavior. In a hypnosis or deep meditative state, our brainwaves shift into a theta-state, in which we can feel peace, complete relaxation and a connection to a divine or higher energy. In ThetaHealing ®, it is possible to consciously operate from a theta state in order to reprogram the subconscious mind, heal our traumas and memories and release and change any feelings or beliefs that no longer serve us.

Delta-brainwaves (~0-4 Hz) –Delta-waves are associated with deep sleep and our bodily functions such as controlling heart rate and digestion. Too little delta activity can hinder our recovery during sleep and thus affect our ability to focus and learn. Liian vähäinen delta-aaltojen määrä aivoissamme voi haitata palautumistamme unen aikana ja siten vaikeuttaa mm. keskittymistä ja oppimista päivän aikana.

The healing power of Theta Waves

A study in the American Journal of Psychiatry by Leuchter et al. – discovered, that people suffering from severe depression could recover as effectively with medication as without it. People who where fed placebo could recover just as effectively from depression. Their belief in recovering activated Theta-activity in their frontal lobe, which the researchers believe to be a crucial part of their healing. This shows the healing power of the human mind and Theta waves.

The researcher’s statement on Theta waves and their abilities: “We also further limited our analysis to the theta frequency band (4–8 Hz), because our previous work and work from other laboratories have indicated that energy in the theta band is most strongly associated with treatment outcomes in depression.”


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